Finally, the most awaited second season is on its way this summer. Shooting is already underway so get ready and grab your popcorn. It’s high time we got some entertainment up in here.

Writer and Director for the most popular drama series of Wadiwa WepaMoyo, Derby Bheta, showed up on Plot Cast to discuss the developments of the second season. The director gave some reasons why they failed to deliver this season earlier and one of the crucial ones was money.

On his last interview on EarGround with Plot Mhako, he noted that the one reason they are taking time to shoot is because they do not have enough money to fund the project. The reason they wanted a much bigger budget was revealed on the recent interview when he said,

“After what happened with the first season, it kinder forced us to really do homework and really see how best we can make the show great. So that has been taking most of the time. Also if you going to improve the show that means you going to have a bigger project, then you go to start looking for the money. Another issue on its own which made it take time but we have managed to pull through. Now we here now…” said Derby Bheta.

Moreso, some of their cast members have developed into becoming big brands themselves because of the show. Even though they were the ones who introduced them, Derby Bheta shows respect and wants to maintain levels so that people will not say bad things about some of the cast members.

“Obviously at first we thought it will be easy to get the money but it is not. So maybe it is because we are looking for a bigger budget, the show has blown and so is the production. Whatever we were paying Kimberly for casting as Noku is no longer the same because she has grown into a different person now. It pushes the budget a lot. What we have managed to do with the money that we have managed to get to start shooting, we shooting with chances of getting more money. We would not really expect to be financial but we just want to push what we can and see what we can get…”Derby Bheta added.

The hype that came during the premiere of season one gave them the wrong impression when it comes sourcing money from investors. They thought it was going to be easy but it was not. Not because their show was not good enough to deserve some charity, but the situation in the country might have made a lot rich people to be very skeptical when it comes to funding projects.

Noku (Behind The Scenes of Wadiwa WepaMoyo Season 2)

The film industry has been left dry lately because there is not enough returns because of piracy and sometimes, what ZBC pays is not enough. Recently, a couple of film productions were complaining that royalty payments in RTGS are not enough to pay everyone on the team. Which is very enough to scare away potential investors.

Moreso, there is a set of new cast members in season two. They had been rumors that Gonyeti was going to be one of the new cast members for season two but they were never verified. The wave was suddenly toned down after the premiere of the movie Organized Crime.

The only confirmed new cast member is Tino Kadewere. A couple of photos were shared which are believed to have been taken from the set. Tino Kadewere is a professional footballer who plays for Lyon in Ligue 1 and the Warriors as a winger or striker. Derby could not reveal much about his character but shared this,

Tino Kadewere & Everson K. Chieza aka Tawanda (Behind The Scenes of Wadiwa WepaMoyo Season 2)

“It was a dream come true for the show because he is more like man Tawa in reality. So having him on the show is a must set. Yeah! There is Tino and other new characters to expect…”

The second season is expected to be massive, since Bheta believes they have managed to take care of the flops and mistakes that were in the first season. The director admitted that the production on the first season was not excellent.

“Season 2 can go beyond since we did a lot of mistakes on the first season. We trying to rectify those mistakes. I feel like it’s a better show than season one because season one l found it sometimes a bit sloppy because we were still introducing the characters and for season 2 where it literally started, that is, Interms of conflicts and stuff, l am very confident that next season it is good…” said Derby Bheta.

Other good news… There is a possibility of having a third season for Wadiwa WepaMoyo. Last time on EarGround with Plot Mhako, the director made it clear that the second season was going to be the last. Why? He added that Wadiwa WepaMoyo was more of an experiment to test waters to see if they can deliver a great show, whilst promising new dramas that could be more entertaining than Wadiwa WepaMoyo.

However, an intervention by Gideon gave life for season three. Bheta and Ian were very sure that season two was the last season but Gideon had other thoughts. After their discussion, they all agreed they going for the third season.

“Me and Ian were like, ‘why cannot we be done?’ because we felt like the whole story is done but we met Gideon. After we met Gideon just to have a conversation, okay we can go for 3 because we did not really push stories of the other characters. Why not, we definitely going for the third but not guaranteed if we are going to surpass season 3…”

If you were following the story you could feel that the whole storyline on season one was around Noku and Tawanda. This made it very shallow and confusing as to why the episodes were very short. They had 18 minutes at most but the director promised a 25 minutes long episode on season 2.

Biko & Tawanda (Behind The Scenes of Wadiwa WepaMoyo Season 2)

Other stories that could be unfolded include the conflict between Mai Noku and Ba Noku infidelity scheme, Steve Biko’s story and Shamiso’s story.

Baba Noku & Mai Noku (Behind The Scenes of Wadiwa WepaMoyo Season 2)

The response they had from the nation is the core that makes them push for more episodes. Even though they are negative, they take them into consideration.

“It’s really overwhelming even if you see people disappointed, it shows how much they love the show. We really feel the pressure and we wish we could just but after we give them season two, l am sure they will understand why had to wait…”

The latest premiere was supposed to be July but because of Covid and school schedules, they have been delays. The latest the director could promise was August, that is if everything goes as planned.

“We are currently shooting but because of the cast schedules, most of them are in school so we can’t have them available at once. Also, with Covid there are other scenes we can’t shoot at now. So we can only shoot what we have, but the plan was, if things were normal maybe in July the show was supposed to start early. So we going take this whole June to initiate for July but with what we have on the ground, we not sure if we are going to start earl. The good thing is we are shooting, so we going to push harder whenever the show is ready. So maybe we looking at July, August…” Derby noted.

Season two on the way! Who are you expecting to feature apart from Tino Kadewere?

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