Everson K. Chieza aka Tawanda aka Man Tawa is now back in the country. Man Tawa is believed to have been locked up in Botswana since the Covid-19 pandemic caught up with him whilst in foreign lands. Wadiwa WepaMoyo team revealed this information after a flood of requests for season 2 by their fans.

On Friday, Lee McHoney aka Mai Noku revealed the arrival of Man Tawa back in Zimbabwe showing much love and happiness for the premiere of season 2. Season sets preparations are believed to have started soon after the finale of the first season but, Man Tawa was locked in Botswana. This was the main reason that stopped the whole team from starting shoots for the second season. When it was announced, people did not take it serious and they thought that it could have been a stalling strategy to calm down the peer pressure.

This became candid after Biko posted in request of a number of retweets to be reached first so that they could Premiere the second season. That alone discredited the first excuse about Man Tawa. However, the announcement made by MAI Noku now puts a ring to it.

To elucidate, she later posted with a request of no misinterpretation of her statement since she didn’t mention any dates. There have been continuous incidents whereby bloggers misinterpret celebrities’ statements on social media. This includes posts by Seh Calaz, Freeman, Madam Boss and to mention a few.

To wrap up, Wadiwa WepaMoyo Season two could be the last season. The director, Derby Beta, revealed this on EEarGround with Plot Mhako that, Wadiwa WepaMoyo was more like a pilot study, an experiment to taste the waters. However, he promises more series coming through.

College Central is ready to premiere new movie called, Organized Crime featuring casts from both Wadiwa WepaMoyo and Special Class. Its premiere date hasn’t been announced yet.

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