2021 has been a great year for Zimbabwean creatives for they have continued to bag more international awards around the world. It started from the Black Entertainment Awards (BET) to AEUSA, AFRIMMA and now the Jamaica’s IRAWMA.

Fellow poet by the name Takudzwa Chikepe popularly known as VaChikepe was nominated under the Mutabharuka Award for the Best Poet/Spoken Word Entertainer. Along with with greats like Antonio Valaire popularly known as Christian Williams, Molachi Smith, Richie Innocent and Wise Wordz. The award was presented as an honor to one of the greats spoken word/poets Mutabharuka.

Yesterday on the 16th of May 2021, VaChikepe was pronounced the winner of the award. This means a lot to Zimbabwe as a nation. Recognition is the key in getting noticed worldwide.

VaChikepe is a 34 year old poet who resides in Norton. He started writing poems at the age of 19 in 2006. Chikepe’s inspiration is driven from the sacred Bible. Since he started writing, he has written over 3 600 peoms with a schedule target of writing 5 poems a day, 20 poems a month and 240 poems per year.


This exercise has developed his art and made him more professional. Recently, he published his first book called the Mental Gymnastics which aims at healing people who are usually victims of depression. Also, nurturing the emotions and spirits in respects to communications to the heart. It took him 14 years to publish his first book.

Mental Gymnastics

In a nutshell, congratulations to VaChikepe for scooping one of the greatest awards in the world. Continue to live up to your greatest.

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