Early Morning of Sunday 7 June 2020, Simbarashe Carrington Chiwadzwa aka Nutty O and manager Byron Kabaira posted online a Press Statement Andressing the Relationship between Nutty O and Military Touch Movement.

The motive of the statement was fueled by a conspiracy made on Friday 5 June 2020 during the Virtual launch of Internet of Good Things by Econet. It is believed that, Jah Prayzah Broadcasted the Zimcelebs virtual concert show during Nutty O’s set on Econet’s Virtual launch. Then switched back after Nutty O’s set. This could have moved the audience that Jah Prayzah had watching to join another live.

Byron Kabaira (Left) & Nutty O (Right)

Nutty O and Byron Kabaira saw this as sabotage and thought of dodging the label. At first, Nutty O posted his exit statement cohersed by hi feelings. Then later on deleted it. At that time, the public was aware of what was happening and maybe the manager pitched in and made the artist to not act according to his feelings, but be professional since this is not just some kind of silly contracts.

Also, him just getting an easy exit would expose the effectiveness of the contract and also would even proved the same point that made Chiweddar, Andy Muridzo and Tahle Wedzinza to exit.

Then, on Sunday, an official statement was posted and everybody was now informed on the optics and the rumors that trended during the weekend. Unfortunately, Military Touch Movement later didn’t say anything about this, even on the evening of the controversy.

However, after the official press statement was posted, they (Military Touch Movement Management) could have reached out to the artist and broke down the semantics regarding to this matter. Nutty O could have been cohersed to distance himself from the press statement to avoid any damage and blamed it on his Manager (Byron Kabaira). His facial expression on the video did show how bad the situation was for him.

Sadly, the Boom Shelele hitmaker bailed and threw Byron Kabaira under the bus to clear his situation with Military Touch Movement. The chanter distances himself and even refused to have agreed with Byron.

Nutty O

Byron is now left alone in the mess and has been blamed to have spear headed the motive for Nutty O to leave Military Touch Movement. It could look as a cover up, but, it has already tarnished his image. How is he going to look like after this??? Is there life for Byron after this???

Byron is one of the leaders for Pusha Maworks entity that looks forward in supporting upcoming artists and entrepreneurs. Will this look good on his brand too??? Nuttt O should have thought about all this before he distanced himself from the press statement.

In law there is a thing called, admission of guilt. He could have admitted and nothing was going to happen so as to save his Manager too. Will the Military Touch Movement board certify Byron as legit???

A lot has been exposed and a lot has been damaged. More to follow…

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