Takura Shonhiwa popularly known as Takura is in a squabble with Tinashe Gonzara popularly known as Ti Gonzi about realness and fugazzi acts.


Recently, Takura released his long awaited single, No Stopping after a span of period. Fans started rallying around the same thing they did on Winky D calling for him to drop some content since he was being too silent.

After the release of ZveMoyo 1 year ago, the singer went silent until early this year promising new content to drop along with a couple of collaborations and the
relationship goals 2.0.

After the drop of No Stopping, Takura appeared in a video at Military Aircraft Museum in Gweru at a hanger where aircrafts that were used during Colonial Era are kept. He endorsed his new record and acted as if he was boarding the economy plane.

The economy plane is believed to be one of the first planes to be used in Zimbabwe. Well, the act of boarding did not go well
with the fans as they claimed that he was fooling them.

Tantrums started to rain from north south east and west. Most people were laughing and labelled it as flex went wrong. Moments later, he appeared in another video defending himself and indirectly mocking those who thought differently.

This again resonated issues about his collaborations.
Back in 2018, Takura dropped debuted the anticipated Someone Had To Do It Album (SHTDi) and tweeted,

‘If l get 5k retweets I am doing #fillupHICC with the one and only Cassper Nyovest who inspired me and many other African Artists. To do everything they say we can’t do…’ 

The retweets reached but he did not deliver. Early 2019 Takura then promised a collaboration with Mozambican Star, Lay Lizzy, and this year, he has promised collaborations with
Rik Ricky, Wizkid and Emtee.

The nation blasted him for highlighting all these
promises and never deliver.

The nation could be angry at him but only him knows the truth. It has been a year since he dropped a wholesome project. Therefore, there is need to give him a benefit of doubt.

After all this, Ti Gonzi appeared on 411 show by Star FM’s house DJ, DJ Mbale and called Takura fake indirectly after he gave credit to Zimdancehall on how they relate to the public. The engagement made by Ti Gonzi is the same DJ Towers has been saying about Takura all along.

Ti Gonzi

They once had a beef and Towers called Takura fake whilst giving himself credit.

However, even though people rushed to dismantle Takura, it was wise if they could identify the place first. Those who come from the Midlands could be the first people to dismantle Takura because they know the place. Which is okay but, not for others.

Forgetting the fact that, he was in Gweru which is his hometown. He could have done this at Robert Mugabe Airport, but instead he chose his hometown and placed his values in recognizing his roots. It could be of value to note that, in
Zimbabwe there has been an ignorance on the importance of Museums themselves.

Takura appearing at one alongside the ancient plane could have been a great moment since he was using the one of the first planes. It is the same with other celebrities in other continents, if they are to take a picture or video on an ancient plane
that was used by Hitler, could have been a great thing because such an opportunity is very expensive. So is the recognition of such artefacts, but because we in Zimbabwe, everyone wants to be savage.

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