It’s disheartening to find out that a national team council is failing to take care of its players. Zimbabwe may be having economic difficulties, however, for sports there should be an effort in empowering the few talented ones we have to represent our nation.

The Zimbabwean Cricket team seems to have ran out of sponsorships. It may be due to the chain of losses they have had. Cricket has not felt the same since the days of players like Andy Flower, Heath Streak and Henry.

Zimbabwe played Pakistan in April and they lost terribly. The celebration by Pakistan did not quite please the world since they mocked Zimbabwe’s dismal failure.

One player by the name Ryan Burl took to Twitter to ask if anyone could be willing to sponsor their kit. On the post, he tagged non other than New Balance.

“Any chance we can get a sponsor so we don’t have to glue our shoes back after every series 😢 @newbalance @NewBalance_SA @NBCricket @ICAssociation”

On his tweet, he included an image of New Balance shoes that had glue on it. Which means, they did not have any new kit and no one knows how long since.

Many people pitched in, feeling pitty and took the liberty to retweet for awareness. One of the replies caught a lot of attention that mentioned a plea to remove the committee that was in charge for incompetence.

“We tried to remove the so called Zimbabwe Cricket board for incompetence and @ICC slapped us with a suspension . They just don’t realize how much harm they are causing. How could they support people who are clueless like that.”

It seem the issue is indeed stemming from the bigger offices. Suspending those who had rioted against such an incompetent board proves it to be right.

A similar problem with the soccer team seems to be the one being faced by the cricket team. Earlier this year, there had been issues about the Super League. The fans were not happy as they felt it was a robbery to what the poor had built. It no longer had integrity, but money, as its number one factor.

One tweet under Ryan Buri’s tweet mentioned something similar. It has been years now since the big three played or at least flew to Zimbabwe for a match. The concerned fan saw it as discrimination and it hinders sponsorship opportunities. This could be the other reason why Zimbabwe has lost sponsors as of late.

“If Big three keeps on playing with each other & cancelling smaller teams because it won’t benefit them in terms of money & ranking there is no way smaller teams can attract sponsors, cricket became a race of money & ranking soon or later people who will lose their interest #ICC”

However, help comes to those who cry and mean it. Ryan Buri’s tweet was discovered by PUMA Cricket and they have come to rescue. PUMA Cricket is ready to sponsor Zimbabwe.

“Time to put the glue away, I got you covered @ryanburl3 💁🏽” – PUMA Cricket

This tweet brought joy to Ryan and as well all cricket lovers around the world. Although PUMA Cricket came to rescue, many other small retail stores and individuals have volunteered to sponsoring Zimbabwe.

Express shipment for @ryanburl3 and his mates. I hope the colours match the jersey.

Zimbabwe Cricket New Kit by PUMA Cricket
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