College Central is ready to premiere to a new movie called, Organized Crime. It has been a successful start with Mudiwa WepaMoyo dominating the waves in and around the Zimbabwe. Wadiwa WepaMoyo was created and directed by Derby Beta.

Derby Beta

The masses of Zimbabwe including those in the diaspora could not afford to miss an episode. Later on after the season 1 finale, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation (ZBC) reached and offered to screen the drama on national TV.

Moments later, College Central fell into cyber victims after their channel was hacked by Dave Ramsey Live. They did not hesitate to call out for anyone who could help them retain their channel. Lyonel Kaisi an internet guru managed to recover the channel.

Lyonel Kaisi

In an interview with Plot Mhako on EarGROUND, the director Derby Bheta revealed that, there will be a second season which is going to be the last season for the drama.

To elucidate, they are now set to premiere new movie featuring top acts from Special Class, Wadiwa WepaMoyo and Bus Stop.
Gonyeti appeared as one of the guest actors in the movie. Which clears out rumors of her featuring in Wadiwa WepaMoyo season.

Samantha Kureya aka Gonyeti

It is not very clear at the moment, but the premiere of season 2 will clear out the rumors. Organized Crime is a local Crime Drama of Teddie a street picketer who owed a local tycoon money whose holding his child as hostage as motivation. Teddie plans to rob a house so as to compensate the tycoon but for it to be successful, he has to hire Tin Tin a well-known thief. The plan fails after they bump into the house maid.

Check out the cast below.
TM & College Central
Cast: Doc Vikela, Melinda Shumba, Chati
Butao, Samantha Kureya, Gamuchirai
Dube and Stephen Chigorimbo
Director: Derby Bheta
Producers: Stephen Chigorimbo, Tavonga
Gozo and College Central Films
Screen Writers: Derby Bheta, Ian
Msakanda, and Kudakwashe Jani
Soundtrack: Tulkmunny – Chepajecha

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