This year has been an Armageddon for ZimHipHop. A lot of squabbles have been emerging lately. Firstly, it was Noble Stylz against Resilience_Gze, which was brutal and not easy on both rappers.

This clash did give light and opportunity to let the nation know that, ZimHipHop is much alive. Everybody was so eager and interested to know the next steps. It had everyone’s attention.

Secondly, came the Mudiwa Hood and Stunner beef which resonated after the two started comparing their careers against the other.
This was not great enough as fans were gravely disappointed with the outcome. Recently, Takura and Ti Gonzi are on each other’s backs.

Natasha Muromba popularly known as Natasha Muz has continued to claim superiority against Christabel Sembeni Mahlungwa popularly known Kikky Badass. The two are longtime rivals but it had cooled down for a minute.

Kikky Badass

The feud reignited after the first virtual show for The Rise of ZimHipHop where Kikky Badass performed, Mbiri Yeyi on the 16th of May 2020. After the feud between Noble Stylz and Resilience_Gze, a lot about the Awards committee was exposed. Resilience_Gze first revealed that, Noble Stylz sabotaged Kikky Badass and gave the award to Phreshy. Later on that day, Kikky Badass posted on Twitter that, she deserved all the awards which were won by Natasha Muz and Phreshy.


She went deeper on Natasha Muz as she claimed that, she was outrun by a femcee who had 1 song and 1 video for the year against her with an EP. Thus draws back to 2018 where Kikky Badass had the Mambokadzi EP and Natasha Muz had Handisi Tsaga which she (Kikky Badass) claimed it was submitted way after the submission period was due.

Mbiri Yeyi did cemented the resonation of the beef since she knew Natasha Muz was available and was waiting to perform too.

‘I Own the Building, You just Intruding…’ Kikky Badass

Natasha Muz later on took the stage with a superb performance. The tension between the femcee was not visible enough but the body language said it all. Each of them were rallying to claim places and make a mark.

On the 13th of June 2020, Natasha Muz featured on Nash Paints Colors Show with an exclusive called, Chema Boss. Where she sent ultimatums at Kikky Badass.

No one was expecting, but out of nowhere, she came up guns blazing. Chema Boss seemed to have been the reply for Mbiri Yeyi since some of the lyrics did sync together.

‘Mbiri Yeyi, Mbiri Yeyi,
Musavaudze Nhema…’ Kikky

‘Munongo Calculator Busy
Kuti Venga Neku Underatter.
Pandotadza Ndepapi? Hanzi
One One, Pa Stage Ringori
Dzugu Chete…’ Natasha Muz

Natasha Muz exhorted Kikky Badass to stop calling her every time they cross path in Julius Nyerere Street. Which happens to be the same street where No Limits Entertainment is located. Both femcees do record at one recording studio owned by Brian Chimuka aka Jamal.

Everybody now wait for the reply from Kikky Badass. Will this be another beef to look out to this year??? More to follow…

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