Enzo Ishall opens up on why he had to engage in war with Holy Ten and intentions towards claiming Kingship in Hip Hop.

The talk of the town has been the beef between Enzo Ishall and Holy Ten after Enzo Ishall claimed Kingship in ZimHipHop. The chanter came through and showed skill and versitality by chanting over a drill beat for his exclusive single, Hillary Makhaya.

Hillary Makhaya is a model who has won a couple of peagents and also a business woman. For the single to see light of the day, Enzo Ishall noted that, it was a business transaction between him and Hillary Makhaya.

Hillary Makhaya

Ms Makhaya was loooking forward to growing her social numbers and becoming more famous in the Zimbabwean circles since she has won a couple peagents. She has won the Miss Teen World Heritage and Miss Zimbabwe intercontinental beauty peagent trophies in 2016 and 2018, respectively.

Modeling runs in Makhaya’s family, since her aunt Connie Makhaya was the first black beauty peagent queen in Zimbabwe, and her cousin, Catherine Makaya, the Olympian athlete won the Miss Zimbabwe peagent in 2014.

Enzo Ishall comes in with his single titled Hillary Makhaya as a way to promote her brand. Before the drop, Enzo Ishall shared a couple pictures of her on his timeline on Facebook and Instagram, tagging her.

As a result, the business transaction was fruitful and yielded great results as Hillary Makhaya’s Instagram page gained 20K followers. An account that used to have 30K followers now bears 50K followers in less than week.

Enzo Ishall has proven his influence. People who were not familiar wih Hillary Makhaya now follow and have probably researched about her.

However, despite delivering great services to Hillary Makhaya, it sparked a beef between Enzo Ishall and Holy Ten. Enzo Ishall is confident enough that Holy Ten did not reply him because he had claimed Kingship in ZimHipHop, but he had done what has not happened in Zim Hip Hop.

Enzo Ishall is convinced that he is the first artist to make a Zim Hip Hop record and trend within 24hrs. On the release of Hillary Makhaya, the song went on to trend to #1 on YouTube for music. This gassed up Enzo Ishall and posted on his socials, “I AM THE KING OF ZIMHIPHOP…” which was not received well by other parties.

On his recent interview with Chamvari on Power FM, Enzo revealed that the claim he made was hypothetical, it was nothing serious. It is crazy to discover that he had seen the wave already from Probeatz tweet after he claimed the same. Therefore, he used the moment to leverage attention from ZimHipHop fans to notice his song but it went otherwise.

The chanter refused to accept that Holy Ten came for him because of Kingship claims but he felt jealous of what he had done. If it was the reason he could have first replied Probeatz before Enzo Ishall. This gassed Enzo Ishall to make it a real thing and called himself King Ragnar.

If you are familiar with Vikings, Ragna Lothbrook was an undisputed king of the Vikings, who was respected by all nations. His repetition said it all. Ragna’s dominance was public knowledge and everyone was familiar with him.

Holy Ten replied to Enzo Ishall with Violence and Enzo Ishall penned back with Finesse. In Violence, Holy Ten was confident that Enzo Ishall had ran out of content to an extent of making songs about women, which surprised Enzo.

The reason why he was surprised was because Holy Ten was the person who makes records for women. In numerous records Holy Ten has mentioned Gamuchirai and it has became phenomenal. It is hard to come across a record without her name. For that reason, Enzo Ishall noted, “Ndaizviziya Gamu murume!” in Finesse.

When asked about that line, Enzo Ishall noted that he wanted to confirm if Gamuchirai is a male figure because Holy Ten all along was doing the same thing that he sees as running out of content. That’s when Enzo Ishall revealed the deal between him and Hillary Makhaya.

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