A sudden turn up of events soon after the demise of Military Touch Movement. Finally, Byron
Kabaira shub out a word to make it clear on his side. He was one of the victims and has chosen to make a few things straight for the public to understand his position in all this.

In his statement you will discover 4 main core elements that caused the commotion. On our last write up, we did take time to elaborate Byron’s side and position. We really felt he was being left out as if he had nothing to lose, but he was disposable. We tapped into his side hustle besides being the Manager and the impact it would make in destroying his career.

However, some of the terms that came with the contract made him somehow to reconsider his opinion. These terms included Music handling, Video Production, Marketing, Distribution and an opportunity to work with countries biggest brands. All this was more than just a piece of cake to Nutty O, but a whole meal.

As a concerned Manager, he had to consider Nutty O’s interests too. This is the other side the public did not get when an artist gets signed by a label. The benefits that come with it. Most of the people think, it was not going to be a problem since the artist is big already but ignoring the benefits.

However, they could be a benefit of doubt on why the masses had that thought, at one time when Jah Prayzah had a collaboration with Jah Cure and people wished if it was Nutty O. Then came rumors that, Nutty O engineered his collaboration with Etana, the first female Reggae Artist to be nominated at the Grammy’s on his own.

They felt that, if he could pull that on his own, why stay at Military Touch Movement. Kabaira pointed out that, he was not even moved on what Jah Prayzah had done but maintained his cool considering the damage it had impose. However, Nutty O’s ego got the best of him and rashly posted his exit statement that he later deleted later, but it was too late for screenshots were already in rotation.

Mr Kabaira got hold of Nutty O and discussed this development. He went on to contact Mr. Mushapaidze, the Senior Manager at Military Touch Movement and addressed their statement. Since from the first day they signed with Military Touch Movement, Kabaira has always been their
soldier giving credits were it’s due in all his

That is why he felt it was important to get hold of the Senior Manager of Military Touch Movement, Keen Mushapaidze, to make it formal enough than just a mere exit. Therefore, this dismisses the facts that, Kabaira and Nutty O had acted alone in moving on with this move. Though it was not clear in light of Nutty O position. I fear the Chanter had hesitations.

The post was made public prior to both parties in agreement. However, Nutty O had a different feeling and Kabaira gave Nutty O the ability to distance himself from the statement in exchange with him resigning as Manager.

Kabaira had Nutty O in the corner and made
him choose between him and Military Touch Movement. Which was very brutal and difficult for Nutty O to be in such a position. Action speaks louder than words. Moments later, Nutty O’s viral video distancing himself from the statement made it clear of his choice. Therefore, Kabaira had to leave office.

It is vivid that, Mr. Kabaira was willing to fight for the artist till infinity but, unfortunately, Nutty O had mixed feelings. What made these feelings??? The benefits that were mentioned above that came with the contract. Also, Nutty O might have been scared if he provokes his relationship with Jah Prayzah and Military Touch Movement it could endanger his career.

On the other side, Kabaira was not afraid of any outcome since he had all the work done in the first place. The ability of one artist to rope in a Manager of their choice gave Kabaira the card to play King Status in building up the ABX Brand and was not afraid to play Knight for Nutty O in exiting Military Touch Movement.

Fast forward, Jah Prayzah later on dissolved Military Touch Movement as he felt the cut from the knife was getting deeper, deeper and risking his career too. This was a bummer on Nutty O, for now he was left in between bleeding. Nutty O did not let his ego got the best of him at this moment but found a way to get back with Byron Kabaira and resolve their issues and get back to working.

Military Touch Movement Crew

They talked terms and resolved their issues and resumed business. 

Byron and Nutty O have been working
together since 2006 up to date. His goal was to deliver a super talent brand which would earn respectable milestones. Mr. Kabaira also noted that, before Nutty O joined the Military Touch Movement, he had a concern and was afraid the goals that he was looking forward were going to be hard to reach since the terms on the agreement would clash against theirs.

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