The 2020 MVP Award winner celebrates 1Million views benchmark on YouTube for Safe Official Video.

Simbarashe Carrington Chiwadzwa, popularly known as Nutty O, is celebrating his first million views benchmark on YouTube after a year stretch of Safe visuals premiere. Safe debuted last year on August 4th and has received great feedback from the public.

What can we say, it was great timing since it dropped during the pandemic lockdown to contain the mutated virus, Covid 19. It connected with a lot of people since no one was supposed to be moving from one place to another.

“See I want to know, are you okay?
Nguva dzese ndokufunga in my brain
Call me, are you fine?
Are you safe, are you safe?
This is my song every day
Oh, I wish there’s a way
I can get to see your face everyday
Oh, are you there?”

At one time a great confusion struck the public after it was nominated as the best covid song at 2021 Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA). A lot of questions were raised as to clarify if it is a Covid song, a collegue or a love song,

“Ndichakufonera chete
Ndichakufonera chete
Ndobva ndakutaurira chete, love and affection girl
Baby chakufonera chete, ndichakufonera chete
Ndobva ndakutauriria chete my situation”

It arrived on Spotify on August 28th 2020 and has accumulated over 188 thousand plays. It is the most streamed song on his profile. Safe was released in promotion of his forthcoming album, Mustard Seed.

It has been a minute since the album was announced to the public. Nutty O started to announce its drop back in 2019 and was expected to drop in 2020. However, Covid 19 happened and it could be one of the reasons for the wait. Thus, this year he has promised with no failure to release Mustard Seed anytime towards the end of this year.

The anticipated album is expected to drop with a collection of international features that the MVP refused to reveal when he was asked. This is the gold and maybe the key to his prime. Nutty O has a lot of confidence that Mustard Seed will be a game changer for his career.

“This album speaks of my character and qualities. The Mustard Seed is a small seed that grows into a BIG tree…” Nutty O explains – Source Havok ZW

Safe  was produced by Angeo Pabloe and engineered by DJ Tamuka for Mushroom Media House. Then the visuals were shot and chopped by multi award winning director, Simdoc. To make every process a success it was sponsored and powered by Boss D and Solyd The Plug.

Before the release of the anticipated Mustard Seed album, Nutty O is set to appear as a feature on Zandimaz’s We Move EP alongside Mafikizolo’s songstress, Nhlanhla on Ngifuna Wena. Scheduled to drop on the 27th of August 2021.

Zandimaz (Left), Nutty O (Centre) & Nhlanhla (Right)

Congratulations to Nutty O, Give thanks to God and keep winning…

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